About Us -

About Us

Smart Solar Nepal Corporation Pvt. Ltd. is a solar production system engineering company based in Nepal which provides engineering services and technical support to Smart Solar Corporation, Japan.

It was established on 2020 as a system engineering company. We are providing engineering services from the various engineering fields such as Computer & IT, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics & Communication.

We are developing B2B and B2C energy management software, web and mobile applications, and providing various IT supports which helps to the management of solar energy production & consumption. We design and develop unique, innovative, and compatible websites for the organizations involved in the production and trading of photovoltaic energy in Japan.

We generate energy from natural resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to push our living standard a step forward into the smart and sustainable world. We guide and manage the solar energy production and distribution. Our mission is to make every household, buildings, apartments and cities smart with the smart solar power engineering development and trading management system.

Our Vision

The country has a huge possibility to grow with the production and trading of solar energy. So, Smart Solar Nepal Corporation visions to play an imperative role in the nation building by helping the nation is minimizing carbon emission, creating job opportunities, and helping industries and cities with smart energy management system.