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Engineering Services


Smart Solar Nepal Corporation is an esteemed ally in the realm of sustainable energy solutions. As a pioneers in the solar industry, we can provide advanced solar systems designed for homes, businesses, and large projects across Nepal. With our full range of services covering Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), we stand out as the reliable partner who seamlessly handles every step of solar project development. Discover our user-friendly solutions and come along on a journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. 


  1. Household Solar Systems (500W to 5KW):
  • Efficient Solutions: Specializing in efficient household solar systems tailored to meet general homes’ utility needs. 
  • Rural Empowerment: Systems (0.5KW to 2KW) address rural energy needs, providing sustainable power solutions and enhancing quality of life. 
  • Urban Precision: Urban installations (3KW to 5KW) seamlessly integrate with city lifestyles, ensuring reliable and continuous power. 

Our EPC services include meticulous design analysis, optimizing efficiency for urban and rural households. Urban precision ensures effective solar panel placement, orientation, and sizing. Our collaborative multi-disciplinary team, involving electrical engineers, ensures comprehensive solutions during household solar system development. 

Fig: Solar Power System for Household Purpose



  1. Enterprise/Industrial Solar Systems (10KW to 500KW):
  • Empower Businesses: Smart Solar empowers businesses, schools, hospitals, and industries with seamless solar system installations. 
  • Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly: We offer cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions, ensuring efficient and responsible energy meeting. 
  • Customized Efficiency: Tailored installations (10KW to 500KW) provide flexible and efficient energy solutions for diverse industrial settings. 

Our EPC services, led by a multi-disciplinary team, guarantee customized and efficient solar solutions, emphasizing collaboration among specialists for comprehensive project development. 


Fig: Solar Power System for Industrial Purpose



  1. Mega Solar Business (Mega Watt Scale for Energy Trade with NEA):
  • Strategic Collaboration: Smart Solar Nepal Corporation is ready to collaborate with the Nepal government, international companies, and stakeholders for mega solar business ventures. 
  • EPC Expertise: As an EPS company, our extensive engineering experience in mega solar projects in Japan, in partnership with Smart Solar Corporation Japan, positions us strategically.
  • Exciting Contribution: We are enthusiastic about contributing to Nepal’s energy trade sector through our EPC-backed mega solar business ventures. 
  • Government Approval and Policy Compliance: Secure approvals and permits from government bodies like AEPC and DOED, ensuring strict adherence to national and local regulations for solar power project compliance.


Fig: Solar Power System for Mega Business Purpose


  1. Operation and Maintenance Services:
  • Comprehensive Support: Beyond installation, we provide comprehensive operation and maintenance for household, enterprise, and mega solar projects. 
  • Expert Investigations: Swift identification of issues by our expert team ensures effective problem-solving. 
  • Efficient Repairs: We offer prompt repair services and part replacements for seamless solar infrastructure functioning. 
  • Regular Operations: Our services include regular operation support, ensuring sustained and optimal system performance.


Fig: Operation and Maintenance of Solar PV System

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